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Wiff Waff and the link to 360 degree feedback

March 26th, 2013 by Gary Cattermole | No Responses

I have a confession to make…I love table tennis (or Wiff Waff or, Ping Pong!).  It’s a sport I’ve played for many years and get a great deal of satisfaction from and I’d go as far as to say that I’m a half decent player.

Recently I entered three local table tennis tournaments, playing in a number of events.  Sadly, I didn’t win any and for two out of the three tournaments I wasn’t at all happy with my game or performance.

What’s up with my game?

So, like any self respecting person wanting to improve their game, I solicited feedback from my team mates and other players who I respected.  Now, I should well know that when you ask for feedback, you should be prepared for anything – well I got it!  There was some fantastic feedback about how I could improve my game, some was obvious and some less so but there really were some things in there that I had … read more »

Unlimited Vacation: A Great Way to Improve Productivity & Retention?

March 20th, 2013 by Erin Osterhaus | No Responses

A guest post by Erin Osterhaus.

A small but growing number of companies are doing away with “fixed-number-of-days” vacation policies. Instead these forward thinking employers are giving their staff–with the approval of managers–the freedom to decide when and for how long to take time off. These companies have, in essence, an “unlimited” paid time off (PTO) policy.

These unlimited policies aren’t common; only one percent of U.S. companies offer them, and even the creme-de-la-creme–the top 10 of Fortune magazine’s top 100 best places to work in 2013–favor traditional or flex-time models. Google, renowned for its ridiculous employee benefits, doesn’t offer unlimited PTO either, instead allowing employees to accrue more vacation days the longer they’re with the company.

Is an unlimited PTO policy something you should consider for your company? This article explores the most commonly cited benefits–and drawbacks–that you should consider as you weigh your decision.

Productivity and Morale

One of the primary benefits touted by proponents of unlimited PTO is increased employee … read more »

What’s the secret to being an engaging manager? A focus on the individual.

March 13th, 2013 by Jaime Johnson | 2 Responses

A focus on an individuals objectives, development and opinions are the three most common traits of an engaging manager, according to business executives.

Why is it important to have an engaging manager?

Its good for our health!

Much of the discussion and evidence around employee engagement centres on the performance improvements that can be gained for the organisation, but what of the individual?

As individuals we spend most of our time at work and interacting with our line manager. The quality of the interaction between line manager and staff has an impact outside of work on our personal health and wellbeing (consistently working with a disengaging manager has been shown to increase our risk of heart disease by 30%).

A line manager provides the lens through which the employee views the organisation. Part of their responsibility is to motivate people behind a vision in order to deliver the goals; to engage employees but do they need to be engaging?

Last month we asked executives to share … read more »

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