Meet the Team – Gary Cattermole

What’s Your Biggest Inspiration?
Over the years lots of different people. I can remember a few teachers at school that really inspired me – very different approaches to teaching and dealing with us unruly kids – but they always made the subject interesting and relevant. These teachers also seemed to be genuinely interested in us, our welfare and education. There was also one particularly inspirational manager – really inclusive and genuinely wanted input and feedback on an ongoing basis.

Right now, Greta Thunberg is inspirational. Passionate, erudite, engaging and determined to really do something on climate change – she’s an inspiration for sure.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
Oddly, I was never really focused on one career path. I would have liked to play professional football, but I understood quite quickly that I was never going to be good enough!

The one thing I was determined to do was to be by own boss. I left school at 16 took a computer programming language course and got a job. I worked and have done ever since. I love work but I always wanted to have more say and control over my work; what I did, how to do it and to be able to take more risks and be responsible for making decisions. I’ve been fortunate to be able to achieve this and I love it!

What Motivates You?
I like work and working – I like ‘getting things done’ – although my colleagues would say I’m not a ‘completer finisher’. I’m hugely motivated by working with clients, developing relationships – delivering great work and projects. Also, I think it would be fair to say, my children motivate me as well – wanting to give them as much opportunity as possible, scope to try different things and to learn and grow.

Favourite book/first record bought?
John Farnham – ‘You’re the Voice’ was my first record bought. In terms of books – it’s hard! I was an avid reader of Stephen King when I was younger and James Herbert as well – I think it would be fair to say my reading is quite eclectic. Having read everything from ‘The Wealth of Nations’ by Adam Smith to ‘In Search of Schrodingers Cat’ by John Gribbin to more recently ‘Shogun’ by James Clavell and ‘Chancing It’ by Robert Matthews. It’s too hard to choose!

What do you bring to the world of employee engagement?
A genuine desire to make a difference. I want the work we do to make a positive difference to peoples working lives. I like to open-up conversations and debate how things could be better and what teams can do to make positive changes.

Out of office?
Table tennis, football, family and friends.