Engaging the organisation in employee survey action planning

As a follow up to our last blog on getting the most from action planning after your employee survey we thought we would provide you with some innovative ideas for engaging employees in the survey and the resulting actions.

Act Local

The idea of localness is important in raising the effectiveness of engagement activities, mass ‘one size fits all’ solutions typically fail to appreciate the different challenges and barriers to employee engagement presented by local conditions – report the survey findings to a local level and encourage local managers to action plan with their team.

What Went Right?

Organisations rarely analyse why things went right. When delivering your survey feedback ensure you build in ‘items to celebrate’. Hold exercises that focus on understanding why success occurred and how the organisation can build on these successes.

Original thinking

People are more likely to become engaged with difference rather than sameness. Original insights are more likely to occur at the intersection/combination of disciplines, rather than through only thinking within a narrow field. For example, if the survey throws up organisational listening as an issue to develop invite a horse whisperer as a guest speaker to help encourage engagement and inspire better insights in developing improvement actions in this area.

Leaders at lunch

Host leadership lunches in the staff communal areas. Fill them with communication and data from the survey feedback. The leadership team work the room, making personal connections, gaining insights and answering questions relating to the employee survey.

This exercise can help to create a buzz about the survey feedback and encourage input at local level action planning sessions. Further, it demonstrates care and leadership support.

The Writing is On the Wall

Create a large white space on a big internal wall. In the centre of the space write one of the employee survey items for improvement. Next to the wall place a container of chunky multi coloured pens. Watch the wall fill. After a few weeks analyse the ideas down into key ways to improve performance. Ensure that you act on these ideas and communicate the exercise and results widely. This exercise can help produce real employee engagement in the survey action planning and become a big talking point.

We hope that the following have inspired you to try something a little different and also highlighted that sometimes it’s the little things that can make the biggest difference.