Development Update March 2021

We continually invest in our technology and our online survey and reporting platform is the main focus of this investment.

Our monthly blogs will look at upcoming developments of new features and additions to be keep you fully up to date on our development roadmap.

March 2021 Sprint

  • 360 Feedback – our new 180/360 feedback platform is nearing completion and will be available by the end of March. Key Features:
    • Easy setup and administration of small and large scale 360 and 180 feedback programmes
    • Centralised automated reporting including individual participant reports and overall reporting
    • Interactive workbooks allowing for participant and coachee additions, comments, observations and action planning
  • Self-service reminders – based on client feedback, the ability to send invites and reminders directly. Key Features:
    • Client will be able to send invites and reminders by accessing a secure section of our survey platform
    • Entering the email addresses and choosing which email to send, clients can now administer this directly, themselves
  • General improvements – additional functionality and also behind the scenes changes the improve reliability and performance. Key Features:
    • Comment report access more streamlined and bespoke
    • Survey opt-out functionality added direct from emails
    • Single question surveys via email
    • Further workbook and Headlines performance improvements

The above is designed to give an overview of our monthly sprints and development work on our survey platform.

We always welcome feedback and insights from our users – if there is any specific feature or feature set you’d like to see in our software – let us know.