Development Update July 2021

Since our last March update we have seen a number of additions, updates and new features.

July 2021 Sprint

  • New report – we’ve called this a ‘Summary presentation’ and it’s designed for those businesses that have business entities or larger divisions, the report pulls out key trends and themes. Key Features:
    • Reports have ‘editable’ sections so you can add comments, insights, context etc.
    • Questions
    • Topics
    • Demographics
    • Freetext questions and more
    • Regression analysis (see below)
    • View online or in PDF.
  • Multiple regression analysis – more commonly known as key driver analysis, has now been added to our online reporting platform. Key Features:
    • Ability to set dependent and independent variables
    • Clean reporting format highlighting where questions have the biggest influence
    • Quadrant reporting to understand where attention should be focused.
Multiple regression example
  • General improvements – additional functionality and also behind the scenes changes the improve reliability and performance. Key Features:
    • Response rate page ‘look and feel’ refresh in Beta
    • Report access updated so that users can access reports across brands, business units etc.
    • Improvements to the 180/ 360 system
    • Tweaks made to Headlines
    • Optimisation of Workbooks (when viewed online)
    • Workbooks PDFs production now handled more efficiently

The above is designed to give an overview of our monthly sprints and development work on our survey platform.

We always welcome feedback and insights from our users – if there is any specific feature or feature set you’d like to see in our software – let us know.