Business As Usual

The rapidly changing situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, we at The Survey Initiative are taking the situation seriously.

Our primary concern is the wellbeing of our employees and that of our clients.

We have implemented measures to enable us to safely get through this situation whilst serving our clients and employees.

Our clients can be assured that we will continue to provide a high level of service having built in a business continuity contingency plan. This includes enabling our employees to work from home from various locations and ensuring our operating systems run 24 hours a day allowing for The Survey Initiative to continue operating.

In line with current government guidelines, our employees are encouraged to self-isolate for seven days even if they present with the mildest of flu like symptoms and for fourteen days if they have had contact with anyone else with flu like symptoms.

The Survey Initiative team are here during normal working hours to support your needs, but should you wish to contact us with any questions, then you can do so here.