A Must Have For Employee Engagement

As organisations strive to improve performance and deliverance, having an engaged workforce is not only an advantage to achieving this, but also plays a key part as to whether an organisation sinks or swims.

tickBeing able to harness the willingness and discretionary effort of employees will most certainly improve performance. If people are performing at their very best, it makes sense that organisations will work more collaboratively and effectively together, giving the best service, improving efficiency and enhancing performance.

It’s because of this that the concept of ’employee engagement’ is receiving a fast growing interest in the business world, with many organisations building an ‘employee engagement programme’ into their business strategies.

There are three key parts to developing and implementing an ‘employee engagement programme’

Firstly, without conducting an employee survey, it would make no sense. Without feedback from your people on how they feel about certain aspects of working for their employer, for example, do they have the right information and resources to carry out their work?, do they feel they are listened to and involved in decision making?, or their perceptions on management style?, the programme will have no focus.

Secondly, managers should receive a report, showing how their team members score in comparison the organisation as a whole, against fellow teams, and even industry norm.

Thirdly, share the report and its content with the team in a meeting. This should not be too formal and the best facilitator to the meeting is the manager. This allows everyone to be involved in action planning areas for change. The only people that can explain what changes are needed and offer solutions to change, are the ones who completed the survey and should never always come from the leaders.

By adopting this bottom up approach it will help organisations to enable effective, long term change, your people will ‘buy into’ the change process and its outcomes and go a long way to improving employee engagement levels.

By including the three key elements mentioned above, your ‘employee engagement programme’ will get results.

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