It’s Got Legs

We have often talked about how inspiring working environments have a positive effect on employee engagement. Well here’s a whacky idea for you!

Danish architect studio N55 has developed a dwelling that literally walks about. Seems a bit Star Trek, but it’s true.

Built on six insect like, independently manoeuvrable hydrolic legs, and reaching a top speed of (wait for it) 60 meters and hour, this high tech, robotic invention can travel on almost any terrain, offering an ever changing view from its numerous windows.

It also has lots of other features that we like too. It is solar and wind powered, has an eco-friendly compostable loo, collects rain water and has an environmentally friendly system that produces hot water. As well as this, it stands 3.5 meters high, avoiding floods and the designers say a wood burner to produce CO2 neutral heat can be added as well as a small greenhouse to grow crops.

This creeping crawling contraption can be set at walking pace. It’s been widely believed that walking can help focus the mind, increase concentration and creates a calmer mental state. Ideal for productivity and engagement.

With these features in mind, and the clear benefits of occupying such a space, why not adapt into a nomadic office! Just imagine that.

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