Keep Your Cool

The arrival of summer and increasing temperatures are welcomed by most, but persistent high temperatures can carry health risks. In this sweltering heat, piling on the sun cream and sporting a floppy hat might not be enough to keep cool.

Here we offer up some ideas to help you chill out:-

  • Keep out of the sun, especially between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. when temperatures reach their peak and avoid unnecessary exertion
  • Drink plenty of cold drinks, place water bottles in the fridge so that the water is extra cool§  Ever heard ‘cool as a cucumber’? Eating cool and light foods will help, avoid eating meat and protein-heavy foods which increase your metabolic rate
  • Dress to keep cool, and choose loose clothing made of cotton and avoid synthetic materials which trap moisture
  • Close blinds and curtains which will help to stop rooms overheating
  • Use a fan, and for extra effectiveness, place a bowl of ice or cold water in front of it which will decrease the temperature of the air blown about
  • Splash water on your skin and try to take baths or showers with cooler than normal water to help take the edge off
  • Feet have loads of pulse points, so dipping them into a bowl of cold water will not only relieve hot swollen feet, but will cool the rest of you down too
  • Breathe deep. Breathing through your mouth and out through your nose allows the air to be cooled by your saliva before it enters your lungs
  • Try keeping your moisturiser and sun cream in the fridge. This has a refreshing effect when applied during hot weather
  • If you’re out and about, try finding a supermarket and hang around in the chilled aisle before leaving with an ice cream
  • Plan ahead and keep an eye on the forecast. Being prepared for hot weather is important

There’s probably more ways to lower your body temperature, some less obvious than others and some quirkier than others. Whatever way you choose, just remember, keep your cool.

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