Help your people picture the problem

We worked recently with an organisation in delivering some post survey workshops, with the simple (but always taxing) premise of coming up with ideas and suggestions for implementing change within a team following our recent engagement survey.

One of our rather excellent consultants if I may say so myself, used a different approach to the traditional brainstorming, appreciate inquiry or the stop, start, continue approach.

We got creative, in fact – it all got rather messy!

Using everything from stickers, paint-spray cans, felt pens, string, clay, glue, flowers, newspaper, magazines, scissors (I could go on).  Imagine a full to brimming set of craft boxes!  We then asked the team to make pictures and images of the issues/ problems they face or are working on.  Once they’d pulled that together, we took photos and then placed them on the wall for the team (and others) to comment on and write about what they represented and to think about how they could be improved.

Using this technique enabled people to think differently, it certainly helped to surface some of the more difficult topics the team needed to talk about and address (by their own admission).  It brought forward some creative solutions to a couple of long standing issues as well.

On top of that, the group (and our consultant) had an awful lot of fun with an engaging approach to driving change following an employee engagement survey and driving positive change.

Think about how you next approach a workshop; can you think of any other original ways of engaging people to be more creative in coming up with solutions and ideas?

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