Helping Heartwood Forest To Grow

Heartwood ForestWe’re a very passionate company. We’re passionate about what we do, we’re passionate about the environment, and we’re passionate about trees.

So, in a bid to help offset our carbon footprint, we’re going to help Heartwood Forest grow.

Heartwood Forest is an ancient woodland, situated near St Albans, and is owned and managed by The Woodland Trust. It is in fact made up of four woods, Langley Wood, Pismire Spring, Well and Pudler’s Wood and Round Wood amounting to a whopping 858 acre site. Once fully planted, it will become England’s largest continuous native forest.

To date, 500,000 trees have been planted by hard working volunteers, and the aim is to complete the planting over the next few years with an additional 100,000 trees.

Heartwood is not only made up of newly planted trees. There are pockets of ancient woodland with carpets of beautiful bluebells as well as other wildflower meadows. There are old hedgerows, open grassland, and an abundance of wildlife and birds.

It’s a great place for everyone to visit with a vast network of pathways and marked trails, including a public footpath and bridleways taking you on an adventure through Heartwood Forest and the ancient woodlands.

It’s particularly great for kids. There is a Magical Wood, planted by Disney Store, that is gradually growing and is set to be a fantastic playground when fully grown, with a Discovery trail and den building area.

There are even plans afoot to plant a community orchard with apple, pear, cherry plum, and apricot trees. And if that’s not enough, an arboretum has been added, and it is the only one known in the UK to contain ALL 60 of our native tree species.

It takes around £200,000 each year for The Woodland Trust to maintain and manage Heartwood Forest. This means that this amazing natural space will remain free for everyone to explore and enjoy and provide a invaluable area to protect wildlife.

We believe this is a great cause, and have happily donated to the Heartwood Forest appeal.

If you would like to help, you can donate here.

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