Listen Up!

EarIt’s fair to say that the biggest asset any organisation has is its people. So, when changes and decisions need to be made, shouldn’t organisations be listening and involving their employees? After all, they are the ones at the coal face and responsible for day to day tasks and could come up with ideas that could positively change organisations and their bottom line. It is also quite likely that they know a lot more about how the organisation ‘ticks’ than the leaders!

Listening may seem a simple concept, but very often, organisations fail to listen and consider the views of their employees. Here, we offer up just a few ways organisations can listen to their employees:-

Conduct a staff survey

Carrying out a regular staff survey with key questions relating to working life will get employees thinking more about the areas covered during their day to day work. However, it is vital that this approach is not an empty gesture. Make sure responses are analysed and take action on suggestions made by employees. When employees see that their feedback is being listened to and taken seriously, they are more likely to be engaged, but the opposite will happen if ideas and issues are raised, but no acknowledgement or action is made.


Regardless of how often staff meetings take place, or how many attend, it is important to make every single meeting an opportunity to get the most important issues out on the table. If certain issues and topics are not on the agenda, give everybody the chance to speak at the end of the meeting and ensure any ideas and issues are noted down, or alternatively, allow employees to submit their views ahead of the meeting. And like staff surveys, ensure that these comments are acknowledged and acted upon in some way.

Open door day

Establish certain days of the month when all employees are invited to visit with leadership and management teams.  This can work both ways, employees to the leaders, or leaders to the employees. What is important is that leaders are as accessible as possible, making it clear to employees that there is a genuine interest and keenness to share their ideas.

So, if you want to increase employee engagement levels and get your people taking more initiative at work, then it’s important to listen and act.

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