Employee Research Supports Sky High Ambitions For CloudFM

Cloud 2Our latest blog is a Q&A with Michelle Morgan, Group Human Resources Manager, at facilities management company Cloudfm, on their recent employee research programme with The Survey Initiative…

Why did you decide to embark on a staff survey?

As a fast growing national company, it’s vital that we understand what motivates our staff and how we can improve the way we work to enhance employee satisfaction. We therefore decided to conduct a global survey as part of a wider set of measures designed to gather feedback and ensure that our plans align with staff requirements.

Why did you choose The Survey Initiative?

The Survey Initiative was recommended to us. We were keen to work with an organisation that could manage the entire process, from survey design to analysis, as this reinforced the anonymous nature of the exercise.

This was your first staff survey, how did staff receive the survey?

We trailed the survey with a series of communications, including eye-catching posters that introduced the survey and explained the rationale. Managers were also briefed so they could discuss the key messages to their teams, and the survey was positively received as a result.

Did you brand your survey?

We wanted to give the survey a light-hearted feel, while at the same time gaining traction across the company. The name ‘Spill the Beans’ was designed to grab people’s attention, and it enabled us to create playful graphics linked to jelly beans. Also, on the day, everyone was given a pack of branded jelly beans which served as a fun reminder to complete the survey.

How were the results?

We were fairly confident before conducting the survey, but the results were even more positive than expected. Our engagement scores were particularly high, including questions relating to management style, realising potential, integrity and a shared understanding of our strategic goals. An area where we scored fairly highly, but where we could improve, was employee voice. This is perhaps to be expected in such a fast-moving company, however we are committed to addressing this aspect as a priority.

What’s next?

Having collated the results in a graphical report and shared them with all employees, our next step is to improve our capability around the area of employee voice. To this end we have already developed a series of initiatives designed to increase the level of staff feedback, and to encourage a systematic two-way dialogue throughout the company.

How will the data be absorbed into your business strategy?

As a reflective company the data gathered from the survey is highly valued and has already been used to shape future projects. The results will be used to improve staff engagement and satisfaction at every level of the business, as the outcomes from a repeat survey in a year’s time will hopefully testify.

Would you recommend The Survey Initiative?

The Survey Initiative is an extremely Michelle Morgan (1)
professional and efficient organisation who worked closely with us to ensure a successful outcome. We would strongly recommend them to any company looking to gain a better understanding of its team with a view to improving staff satisfaction and engagement.

Michelle Morgan – Cloudfm

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