A Little Bit Of Fun Upcycling In The Office

Just for fun today, a blog that’s not too serious that will make you smile, and uplift your day (actually, the serious bit is making you happier which positively affects your wellbeing).

Here are five simple office “hacks” you could do right now as explained by BuzzFeedYellow.

Sorting Out Your Wires!

Using bull dog clips, you can clip them to the side of your desk, and thread your messy and tangled wires through each one, so you can keep track of your wandering wires!

Clean That Keyboard!

Grab hold of that office post-it block, tear one off, and fold it in half, and use it to gouge out the scums and crumbs from between those keys!

Hang Your Headphones!

After listening to your tunes (which you shouldn’t do at work, but it’s fun), you can use another one of those bull dog clips, an elastic band and a pin to hang your headphones up! Just tie the prongs of the bull dog clip up with the elastic band, and pin it up with the, well, pin, and ‘Voilá’! A headphone hanger!

Mobile Phone Holder!

For an awesome (and sort of retro) phone holder, grab hold of a cassette tape case (if those still exist), and open it up, and fold it back for a unique home for your mobile phone!

Keep Your Lunch Cold!

If you’re unfortunate enough to work somewhere where there’s no fridge, then here’s a great tip to keep your sandwiches and salads as cool as a cucumber! Just freeze a wet sponge, and place it in a zip-lock bag, and “bob’s your uncle”! It will be fresh and cold until lunch-time!

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