Creating A Greener Working Environment

It is a reality that these days’ organisations are expected to be green, and this is something they are rapidly having to face up to. If they have got any sense, they should be more than keen to make healthy and green changes to the working environment. After all, an organisation that promotes health and wellbeing as well as environmental and social responsibility initiatives will appreciate many benefits including:

• Increased employee retention and staff morale

• Decreased stress levels and absenteeism

• Improved employee engagement and employee perception of management

• Financial benefits

• Be seen as an employer of choice

There is almost a limitless list of things than can be done to create a greener working environment – there is a green version of literally everything nowadays – but here are just a few ideas of some genuinely effective changes that can be implemented in the workplace.

Switch To Green Electricity

No matter what kind of industry your organisation is in, you can switch the supply of your electricity from carbon fuels to clean energy such as wind or solar power. Simply call a green energy provider such as Ecotricity and they will organise for all those resource-hungry computers to run on renewable energy.

Set Up A Recycling Program

A great way to encourage green practises, while at the same time boosting staff morale, is to arrange a team building exercise where employees set up a recycling program for the office. This could be a tricky process, but having employees working together on the project can be a great ice breaker for new employees and a brilliant way for individuals to work together on a non-work related idea. While getting to know each other better, employees can help reduce the amount of waste created and thrown away.

Just Switch Off!

Actively encourage employees to switch off computers, lights and any other electrical appliance in the office when not in use. This might not seem to be a very green thing to do, but by switching off your electric appliances and gadgets reduces the amount of carbon dioxide produced into the atmosphere.

Go Digital

The greenest paper is no paper, and one of the most effective ways to be more eco-friendly in your office is to cut down on the amount of waste paper produced in the office. Use electronic forms whenever possible (making sure you turn them off when not in use!), and e-mail letters and documents to be read online rather than printed out. Store files on your computer, this saves time, money and space. You can also use flash drives to simply and efficiently transport and share documents, most have security features to protect sensitive data.

Add Some Greenery

Simple, but highly effective, adding plants to your office environment will help make your organisation more environmentally conscious. With a whole host of benefits, plants help to cut down on toxins in the air, increase the air flow in a room, and help reduce eye irritations that employees might come across whilst staring at a computer screen all day long. By improving the air quality in your office, plants will help your employees feel healthier and better suited for work. Most of all, plants bring interest and inspiration to a dull and lifeless office.

We at The Survey Initiative are not only passionate about the work we do, but we’re passionate about our environment too.

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