All Hands On Deck

Today’s tube strike in London is undoubtedly going affect many businesses and organisations across the capital with quite possibly a hefty chunk of their workers unable to get into work for part if not all of the day.

This leaves those that have managed to get into the office having to work extra hard to keep the business going.

Now if this is not a good reason to ensure your organisation has high employee engagement levels, people who put in additional effort above and beyond what is expected of them and totally advocate who they work for, then I don’t know what is.

Investing in your workforce, probably the biggest asset any organisation has, to increase their engagement levels, has huge benefits.

The most worthwhile engagement is seen in employees who happily want to ‘go the extra mile’ and apply their efforts effectively. The upshot is that this mixture of action and line of sight ends up with an engaged employee who willingly works harder to deliver against your organisation’s strategic objectives in their own daily tasks.

In addition to this, when employees feel more engaged they are likely to become more productive. Not only are they likely to look for areas of improvement and implement necessary changes with little or no direction but they are also more likely to want to work alongside their team mates and line managers for the overall benefit of the organisation and ‘pull together’.

Also, engaged employees are more likely to stay with a company for the long term which saves the organisation the large costs associated with recruiting and training.

With today’s strike in full swing, businesses will be wanting to ensure that their customer service doesn’t wain. Great customer service is one of the most widely recognised indications of employee engagement. Happy people are blatantly obvious and are highly contagious. When an organisation engages their employees the impact on their customers is not only immediate but hugely significant.

So even when the ‘chips are down’, when ‘times are tough’ and it’s ‘all hands on deck’, having engaged employees is absolutely crucial.

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