Can You Benefit From Having Empowered Employees?

By definition, employee empowerment means to give or delegate power or authority to an individual or individuals.  The benefits of having an empowered workforce works for both the employer and the employee. More often than not, an organisation that has embraced and actively promoting empowered employees will have a high level of employee engagement.

Empowered employees will feel a sense of control and have input into their work. They will be able to share suggestions and ideas about their work and the organisation they work for.

The feeling of empowerment for employees encourages self-motivation, allows them to think for themselves and work more independently. It can also bring high levels of commitment, loyalty and motivation to ‘go the extra’ mile. It also brings feelings of ‘self-worth’ and job satisfaction.

In addition, employees will feel that they are not being micro-managed and constantly scrutinised.

From an employer’s perspective, empowered employees are happy employees, with high levels of engagement. This brings a whole range of benefits.

Employers can expect improved productivity and performance, leading to a reduction in costs, customer service standards will increase, and levels in staff turnover are likely to decrease.

In this fast paced, technology driven environment, organisations must not become stagnant. Empowered employees embrace change meaning the organisation can move forward and leave competitors behind.

Do you know how empowered your workforce currently is? You could make use of an empowerment survey to gain insight and understanding about the current levels of empowerment and what the blockers are to empowering your people.

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