Simply excellent customer service…and its links with employee engagement

A few weekends ago my wife and I went to the Albert Hall to watch the Cirque de Soleil – a great evening and show it has to be said.

Knowing that the show finished quite late I made the decision to book an overnight stay in London so we could make the most of the weekend.  For no other reason other than the location was rather convenient for the Albert Hall, I booked an overnight stay at the Milestone Hotel on the Kensington Road.

I have never stayed at the Hotel before, nor have I stayed at any of the Red Carnation Hotel Collection (owners of the Milestone).

What we found from the moment we booked the hotel to arriving back home and beyond, is simply this – wonderful and excellent customer service.

From the Doorman to the Receptionist, and even Gentleman playing the piano during afternoon tea (who took a few seconds to say hello whilst playing!) contributed to this high quality service.  What struck me was that everyone we spoke to were genuinely interested in why we were staying in London and what they could do to make the stay even better.

Clearly things like handmade biscuits by the Chef and a hand written note from the General Manager and a couple of very refreshing glasses of bubbly waiting in our room certainly did no harm.

The Hotel was happy to supply a couple of umbrellas for our short walk to the show as the weather was being typically British!

All in all, a wonderful stay made even better by staff who were genuinely and honestly interested in our stay. It’s no wonder they have won an impressive list of awards and accolades so far this year! In particular, TripAdvisors Travellers Choice Award – Best Hotel in the UK 2014!

So, from a day job perspective, I’d be really interested to know just how engaged their staff are!

We know that there is a link between employee engagement and high customer advocacy but does it work the other way round – where you find wonderful customer service do you naturally find engaged employees?

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