Mighty Oaks From Little Acorns Grow

We’re branching out and are getting very excited about the recent growth of our company, resulting in new members joining the team and an influx of new clients to work in partnership with.

It occurred to me on my way into work this morning, looking around at the baron trees and wondering when they’ll be in bud and full again, that my link to trees is not just relevant to our company growing from small beginnings.  It also has a significant relevance to the ethos we have about reducing our carbon footprint and doing ‘our bit’ to help our environment.

Of course, we are actively carrying out the obvious measures to keep ‘green’.  We try and use as little paper as possible in the office, our light bulbs are energy saving ones, insulation in the office has improved, we car share and use public transport when travelling to meetings, we like to use local suppliers wherever possible and we have ‘hippo’s’ in our toilets!

But we also plant trees! There are many benefits to planting trees, they combat the greenhouse effect, clean the air, provide oxygen, conserve energy and save water to name but a few.

So, last year we made a pledge, one which we aim to adhere to this year and that is, for every new client we work with, we will plant a tree and we will plant even more trees using our Christmas card budget later in the year.

The Woodland Trust is the organisation that has helped us carry out and realise our pledge. They have a vision to see the UK rich in woods and trees, to be enjoyed and valued by everyone. A vision to which we at The Survey Initiative totally concur with.

It’s a lovely, whimsical thought, which gives us inspiration and motivation to be engaged and happy in our work, to think that, as all the trees we have planted are growing, and all the already established trees are soon to be bursting into life, so is our company.

Click here if you would like to view our ‘Carbon Neutral Policy’ and if you would like to know more about engaging ideas for your team, contact us on +44 (0) 1255 850051.