3 simple ways to boost employee engagement

These days, most organisations have wised up to the fact that an engaged workforce leads to greater productivity and less staff turnover — and creates a happier, healthier place to work.

And while it can sometimes be hard to spot the signs of employees who are becoming less engaged, prevention is always better than the cure.

That’s why forward-looking directors and managers make sure that every aspect of their employees’ working day is examined through the lens of staff engagement.

Time and time again, they’ve found that getting three key factors right keeps employees engaged and stops problems happening before they take hold.

Why don’t you try them for yourself?


When employees feel in control of their work, they put more into their jobs. But when their work has to be approved by many layers of management, they can begin to feel disempowered.

You may not be in a position to change your management structure (and it may be a bad idea to do so), but look for ways of using accountability to make employees feel empowered. For example, simple reviews that give individuals praise for good work and opportunities for development can keep engagement high.


Sometimes we all get so focused on targets or deadlines that we forget that we need other people’s help to meet them. Sometimes even a simple ‘thank you’ is all it takes to bring out the best in employees next time they’re under pressure — and keep them engaged and proud to work for your organisation.


Give employees more control over their working space. As far as it’s possible, let them perform tasks their own way and arrange their own schedules. Remember, it’s the end result of their work that matters — not the journey that got them there. Flexibility to choose their own way to work makes people happier, more productive and more engaged. Try it!

These are just three tried-and-tested ways to increase your employees’ engagement. What other ideas do you have? Please share them in the comments below.