Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Survey Initiative is committed to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Policy explains our data processing practices. If you have any concerns please email us here.

Information collected

The Survey Initiative does not collect any information from you when you access this website, unless you provide us with information and consent by which we can contact you. We do, of course, collect and store information provided by you if you participate in surveys we conduct on behalf of our clients.

Use of your information

We will use the information provided by participants in the surveys we conduct to provide the client with reports and analyses on the results of the survey. It is our strict policy to protect the anonymity and confidentiality of all survey respondents unless otherwise expressly agreed between The Survey Initiative, its clients and survey participants.

Except in providing a technical support service, The Survey Initiative will not communicate directly with survey participants without the agreement of its client.

Disclosures of your information

The Survey Initiative will not pass survey data to anyone else, except to any successors in title to our business. We may use and disclose, for the provision of benchmarking information and marketing purposes, aggregate data only so that no individual clients or survey participants are identified.


“Cookies” are snippets of information sent by a web server to a web browser, which enables the server to collect information from the browser and make the use of the site as easy as possible.

Data Protection Act

Survey participants should note that under the terms of the Data Protection Act, data collected and held by The Survey Initiative on behalf of its clients is owned by the client (The Data Controller).

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

First Layer Information

We are required to actively provide the information below to participants. As much of the information is client/project specific, you will find it (where relevant) in the introductory text to your survey.

  • name of research organisation collecting the data and any client organisation (where personal data will be shared or they were the source of the personal data).
  • general subject of the data collection
  • purpose of the data collection
  • any sensitive data collection
  • whether the data collection will be recorded and/or observed
  • guarantee of participant anonymity and/or confidentiality
  • right to access data
  • right to withdraw consent
  • description of any reasonably foreseeable risks (including physical or emotional harm and discomfort or embarrassment) particularly in qualitative research projects
  • details of any international data transfer to countries not considered adequate by the EU
  • length in minutes of data collection
  • re-contact details including when re-contact will occur; the purpose and by who
  • costs likely to be incurred by the participant (if appropriate)
  • assurance that the activity is being collected in accordance with the MRS Code of Conduct

Second Layer Information

We are required to make this information accessible to participants.

  • who will administer incentives, what it will be; when it will be received; any conditions attached

Generally incentives are not offered to participants in our surveys. Where they are, details will be client/project specific and will be provided to you separately

  • generic contact details for data protection officer (if applicable)

Ralph Sutcliffe +44 (0) 1454 250050

  • details of any international data transfer to countries considered adequate by EU

We do not transfer raw data.

  • retention period for data or criteria for retention

Data is retained for 8 weeks or until we are instructed to delete it by our client (whichever is the shorter).

  • right to object to processing

Participation in our surveys is entirely voluntary, you have a right to object to processing.

  • right to lodge complaint with ICO

You have a right to lodge a complaint with ICO

  • right to port data (if automated data collection)

Not applicable

  • right to erasure of any personal data made public

Not applicable

  • right to restrict processing

Participation in our surveys is entirely voluntary, you have a right to restrict processing.

  • right to rectify data held

The only data we hold about you is your survey responses and (where applicable) some basic demographic data provided by your HR department. You have a right to rectify it.

Where is the data held

Data from our surveys is held within the UK – we use Microsoft Azure as our cloud provider with data centres (

Data deletion

Data is deleted after 8 weeks of the project close, unless requested otherwise by our clients.

IP Address storage

IP addresses are collected for survey administration purposes during the survey live period but are not stored with individual responses for reporting purposes and is deleted once the survey is closed.

I feel that they can work superbly with us and are able to communicate excellently with both senior leaders and staff.

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