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Leaders At The Coal Face

June 16th, 2016 by Alison McKinney | No Responses

We at The Survey Initiative create tailored employee surveys designed to meet the specific needs and outcomes for our clients.

One aspect of our design, is to include free text questions to allow employees to further communicate on key areas important to them and to add any further questions or comments in their own words.

We are then able to read the responses and categorise them into key themes for ease of analysis.

Quite often, one particular theme comes through, that of not being listened to or recognised. Employees, through using their own words, try and explain that their leaders and managers do not always listen or take their opinions in account. They feel that their ideas and concerns are not heard, especially when important business decisions are made and that those higher up in the organisation lose sight of what is going on at the ‘coal face’.

A great employee engagement activity to help tackle this problem is to plan … read more »

Listen Up!

June 2nd, 2016 by Alison McKinney | No Responses

It’s fair to say that the biggest asset any organisation has is its people. So, when changes and decisions need to be made, shouldn’t organisations be listening and involving their employees? After all, they are the ones at the coal face and responsible for day to day tasks and could come up with ideas that could positively change organisations and their bottom line. It is also quite likely that they know a lot more about how the organisation ‘ticks’ than the leaders!

Listening may seem a simple concept, but very often, organisations fail to listen and consider the views of their employees. Here, we offer up just a few ways organisations can listen to their employees:-

Conduct a staff survey

Carrying out a regular staff survey with key questions relating to working life will get employees thinking more about the areas covered during their day to day work. However, it is vital that this approach is not an empty gesture. Make sure responses … read more »

Have You Got A Scary Boss?

October 22nd, 2015 by Alison McKinney | No Responses

With Halloween just a matter of days away, I started to think about all things scary. When I was young, I was scared of all sorts of things, my dad, the school bully, monsters under the bed, ghosts in the wardrobe, you name it, but not so much these days.

Now I’m not saying that my boss is scary, though he does tend to make me jump sometimes, he is in fact completely the opposite – very democratic, visionary and able to let us all get on with what we need to do without too much interference.

However, I have had experience of bosses that have really terrified me.

Managers definitely have a way of being intimidating, and there’s a very good reason for that. It’s because they can.

You might think that being frightened of your boss would make employees work harder to impress, but actually, nothing could be farther from the truth.

For organisations, scary, bad bosses can create all sorts of problems, … read more »

Prehistoric Team Working – A Lesson To Be Learnt

September 7th, 2015 by Alison McKinney | No Responses

I’ve always been fascinated by ancient prehistoric monuments. The mystery that surrounds them and the sheer magnitude of engineering behind their being.

So of course, I was delighted and excited to hear of a new Neolithic site discovered just a ‘stones throw’ (pardon the pun) from our very own Stonehenge on the BBC website today.

Despite there being many ideas and explanations as to Stonehenge’s purpose and how and why it was built, what is clear is that it would have taken the ancient people a great deal of planning and strength to move such huge stones and erect them. This new discovery near Durrington Walls also seems to be an amazing feat of people ‘pulling’ (or perhaps ‘pushing’) together for a common aim and purpose, whatever that maybe – prehistoric team work if you will.

One of the things that clearly stands out from these huge ancient monuments is the positive power and … read more »

10 Ways To Be A Great Boss

August 17th, 2015 by Alison McKinney | No Responses

Great bosses are not born great, they become great. In other words, becoming the type of person who is capable of leading organisations, inspiring others, and challenging people to become the best version of themselves are skills to be learnt and developed. So here we offer up our top 10 tips for becoming an effective leader:

1. Be clear about your vision for the business – without direction, it is easy to get lost. Tell your team what it is you are trying to achieve and how you believe it will come about. Be clear about what you expect from your workforce – what qualities you respect and how you reward good effort. By giving clear direction there will be no room for ambiguity – everyone will know their role in the company, what is expected of them and what they are working towards.

2. Reward good performance – without reward, there is no incentive to pursue success. We all need to … read more »

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