Returning to work

We are (at least for some organisations) heading to the point where businesses will be telling their employees to return to work at their offices.

How will work change after Covid-19?

The world will get past the current Covid-19 crisis but just how much will our work environment and interactions have changed as a result. Will we revert to the way things were before? Should we or will we even be able to?

Could Covid-19 bring about positive changes for business?

At the moment, people’s health and wellbeing are paramount and, rightly, at the forefront of our minds.  Looking ahead one wonders what positive changes this may bring about for businesses within the UK. If we cast our minds back to the tube strikes of 2014, research from prominent Oxford...

Home Working

In the current global climate and with recent UK government guidelines, more and more organisations are allowing and needing their people to work from home. Of course, depending on the role, many are unable to, but for those that can, there are both positives and negatives. The Positives Generally...