Meet the team – Ralph Sutcliffe

Here’s Ralph!

What’s Your Biggest Inspiration:

I admire the British bulldog spirit of the likes of Winston Churchill, Guy Gibson, Douglas Bader, Roger Bannister and Bobby Moore. Also Stephen Hawking for teaching us not to give up – having been told he had two years to live as a young man in the early 60s he stayed with us for more than 50 years. What a genius – and able to laugh at himself too (his Monty Python sketch with Brian Cox).

Biggest achievement:

One wouldn’t want to blow one’s own trumpet!

I’ve been doing this since 1980 and in that time I’ve been lucky enough to work with some great people (both clients and colleagues). Some have been less so – you know who you are!

What do you bring to the world of employee research:

I’d like to think experience, passion and a ‘can do’ attitude. I believe in keeping it simple. It’s great to talk to people, to find and what they need and to be able to help them. I like to feel that I make a difference – as I see clients’ engagement scores rising year on year it’s really good to think that I’ve played a small part in making people’s everyday working lives a little bit better.

Out of hours:

I enjoy spending time with my wife – walking, gastronomy(!) and planning our next holiday. I try to keep reasonably fit (need to as walking usually includes a pub and gastronomy) and am regularly in the stands on a Saturday afternoon to watch Cheltenham Town.

Here’s that Monty Python sketch by the way!

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