New Faces – Oliver Newton!

As part of our growth we’ve recently taken on new recruits.  Meet Oliver Newton, our IT Researcher/Developer. Oliver Newton

What’s Your Biggest Inspiration: The writer Neil Strauss. He is most famous for writing the pick-up artist book “The Game”; rather than the whole “pick-up scene”, I find the way he was able to transform himself from being a shy man into one of the world leading pick up artists amazing, showing what you can do when you really want to change and improve yourself. His other book “Emergency” was a real eye-opener for other self-development, this time working towards how to act in a crisis; this is something that resonates within me, as I am always looking for ways to improve and more forward.

Biggest achievement: Being sentimental, I would say my son, Magnus, who was born in April this year. A non-sentimental personal achievement would be writing the second draft of my first novel.

What do you bring to the world of employee research: I am always looking at how to improve things, not just in myself, but also in the systems and processes around me. If I can think or find a way of completing a task more efficiently and effectively, then I will seek it out. I enjoy looking for trends and picking up the context within people’s comments, trying to establish the background for their opinions and how a solution can be achieved. I’m also keen on knowledge sharing and upskilling teams, not just to help improve the business, but to help my colleagues in their abilities (and further improve myself).

Out of hours: I have far too many hobbies and not enough time, I should stop collecting them! I have singing lessons and perform in concerts a couple of times a year and I am part of a theatre group. I like to write stories, playscripts (one of which has been performed) and bad jokes. I love to play PC, Console and board games (not Monopoly, but games like Codenames, Flashpoint and Fluxx) and working on making a few board games of my own. I also like to experiment in the kitchen, my best dish being Chicken and Bacon Cajun Curry.

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