Getting strong response rates on staff surveys

Our staff surveys constantly achieve a response rate of at least 85% which gives our clients an excellent insight into the thoughts and minds of their employees. How do we achieve this? Here’s our approach:

  1. First up we meet with the board to get their view on what should be included in the staff survey, what they think is going on in the organisation and discuss strategic goals.
  2. We also meet with managers to understand their views and needs from the staff survey.
  3. Employees are also invited to pre-survey focus groups to gain their thoughts and support.
  4. Once these consultations are complete a bespoke survey is created to really get to grips with the issues effecting an organisation.
  5. Once the survey is live we ensure access to all. For site workers we offer bacon baps, mobile devices and paper surveys for them to complete in their preferred way during work time.
  6. We analyse all data and report back to the board, managers and employees to ensure they know the survey is taken seriously and action will happen.

It’s not rocket science but involving your key stake holders in the process to ensure everyone has been able to input into the process and feel part of it ensures buy-in throughout.  It also ensures that there is genuine commitment to communicating the results and looking to implement positive change as a result of the survey feedback.  This approach is particularly useful where an organisation has a history of low response rates or perceived lack of action following surveys such as this.

This isn’t a time consuming nor costly approach but it is inclusive and both the organisation and its people benefit greatly from this approach.

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