Work Experience

Penguin 1As part of my first year of sixth form, my heads of year have organised a week dedicated to work experience for everyone, including myself. They spent at least a month tailoring each individual schedule for every student, and spent many phone calls trying to find businesses willing to take on students for the week. Each student was asked which area of work they would like to get into in the future, and I chose IT and anything to do with computers. Finding nearby work experience to fit that area, especially in Essex, was challenging. However, after some arrangements and a last-minute phone call, I managed to snag two days of work experience at The Survey Initiative. I was very pleased with how it is going, especially since all I thought I would be doing is making coffee and ‘housekeeping’ for the employees.

Finishing my first day, I completed some alphabetising, helped organise the office calendar, as well as some data clearing to allow the company to stay within the Data Protection Act and then even some report quality checking. A very productive day I thought, especially since I wasn’t used to working in office conditions. So far on my second day, I have continued with some report quality checking (and I  have managed to set off the fire alarm while making myself some toast in the office kitchen area). Overall, the experience has been enjoyable. The work atmosphere is nice and relaxed and everyone here is nice and very helpful. There’s even free fruit, which promotes a healthy lifestyle; very much appreciated.

I’m very glad that I have been able to do this work experience; not only does it give me a good idea as to how I could be working in the future (such as following instructions and learning the ropes of the office environment), but it is also something that I can put on my CV and Personal Statement which can help me get a good job in the future. It’s rare that a sixth form is so willing to organise a week like this for students, so I have them to thank for this experience, as well as thanking The Survey Initiative team for being willing to take me on. Everyone here has been incredibly helpful and all instructions given to me were clear, which helped me do my jobs effectively.

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