Cultivating Employee Engagement

gardenEncouraging employees to get their hands dirty during their lunch breaks or after work is not such a bad idea.

Community gardens in large towns and cities have long since flourished so it’s not surprising that workplace gardens and natural spaces have been fast trending.

For many people, when they retire, they look forward to spending more time in their gardens and leading more of the ‘good life’, but perhaps they needn’t wait until then. Becoming green-fingered is a trait more and more organisations are positively promoting – and on-site too.

Organisations are beginning to realise that creating a workplace garden, either outside in the grounds of the office or converting office space into some much-appreciated natural space (including converting their roofs) is a simple way of cultivating a stronger sense of employee engagement and happiness at work.

The research behind nature’s rejuvenating qualities for employees is becoming more and more accepted. A paper on green space design issued for the Forestry Commission found that natural space helps people’s brains to recharge and helps employees to focus better on tasks.

Working together to look after a workplace garden brings about a greater sense of camaraderie, reinforcing team spirit and collaboration. Especially if there are tangible rewards to be had like growing fruit and vegetables that can be shared amongst employees or donated back into local communities.

Research has shown that by being around plants, whether it be a workplace garden or indoor plants in the office, peoples well-being and productivity levels increase.

Gardens and natural spaces ignite creativity and imagination, spurring on ideas and new ways of doing things. It gives people a chance to get away from the humdrum of their normal working day. People place a lot of importance on their working environment, so having a workplace garden where employees can ‘muck in’ and have a breather is something that organisations should consider.

So what are you waiting for? Get cultivating!

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