Pre Christmas Employee Engagement Boost


As the end of another year approaches, employee contribution and overall engagement levels can begin to falter as the organisation gradually winds down for the festive period. However, the end of one year and the beginning of another can be a great time to boost employee engagement activity. The weeks leading up to Christmas can be an extremely valuable and significant time to build employee motivation and recharge for the year ahead, and if approached correctly, can have a real impact on the organisations success in future months and an excellent start to the New Year.

Take stock of the year so far

A powerful way to improve the overall business function is to take staff feedback into account. Ask employees what the business highlights have been for them, what needs to be improved and how. Once accumulated, utilise feedback to identify areas for improvement and prioritise these for next year. To maintain engagement, keep staff informed regularly about plans and developments.

Deal with ‘itchy feet’

As the year concludes, employees may place a new career high on their agenda. However, employees who feel valued will be less likely to look for new work. To help retain good staff, discuss opportunities and objectives for progression. Having clear goals for the following year in place helps employees to feel integrated.

Reinforce your company values

Poor communication from the top down remains a key factor in staff dissatisfaction. The end of the year is an excellent opportunity for senior management to re-communicate the company vision and values.

 Pay isn’t the only way

Whilst the annual pay rise is seen by many as the most effective way to engage and motivate staff, this isn’t necessarily the case. Staff reward programmes that are linked to performance and attributed to desired behaviours will play a major role in maximising employee output. Cash is a short term motivator that will soon get absorbed into the day-to-day expenses.

Rewards for all

Providing additional, smaller rewards more frequently encourages employee participation at every level. It ensures that goals seem achievable not only to high fliers, but to those staff who could make a valuable contribution if their performance and productivity were to improve. Offer all staff members the opportunity to be successful.

 Publicly recognise success

Employees like to feel valued and appreciated for what they do, especially if they have contributed to success. Recognise the diversity of people’s efforts and contributions. Too often the focus is on what is expected, but jobs are rarely that simple. Equally as important as the reward itself is the format in which it is presented to the recipient. The presentation of an award in front of peers with acclaim from the boss for a job well done is a fantastic way to spread the Christmas joy and creates positive lasting memories.

Consider the year ahead

The end of the year is a time when all businesses should plan ahead. Getting their engagement strategy defined early will ensure that they kick start 2016 well.

Flexible friend

As Christmas approaches some employees may face additional external responsibilities, particularly those with young children who may have nativity plays to attend. Employers who support staff by being flexible will benefit from appreciative employees who wish to repay them with hard work and loyalty.


Whilst it’s important to focus on work and productivity don’t let the importance of celebrating be overlooked. Although the big budget parties of previous years may have been abandoned, it’s still important to prioritise a celebration – even on a tight budget. After all, all work and no play is simply uninspiring.

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