Hang On To Your Talent

employeeWith the New Year almost in sight, there’s a good chance that some of your people are considering employment elsewhere.

The development, growth and long-term success of your organisation relies heavily on your best people. When your organisation is able to retain valuable talent for long periods of time, there is a substantial reduction in time-consuming tasks of having to find, attract, recruit and train up new talent. Here, we offer up a few tips to help you avoid these costly and time-consuming problems.

Provide an attractive remuneration package

Whilst not everyone is motivated by pay and benefits, it is still an important part of retention to make sure your people are not only being paid competitively for their skills but also for parity with the market and internal equity.

Include them in decisions

People like to be listened to and feel they have contributed to decisions made in the workplace, especially if it affects them directly. Provide a platform so that your top talent can contribute towards workplace solutions.

Avoid micromanagement

Being given empowerment and autonomy allows your people to feel that they are in charge, not only in their day to day tasks but also in their own path forward.

Offer flexible work hours

With work / life balance becoming more and more important these days, offering flexible working hours can be key in hiring and retaining top talent.

Invest in training

Providing the tools and training to get work done is an essential aspect to hanging on to talent. Staff look for positions which afford them the best opportunities to learn, enhance their skills and gain exposure to the best jobs in the market.

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