Top 10 Tips For Boosting Productivity In The Workplace

SalesThere are a number of simple actions you can take in order to boost productivity at work. Here we share our top 10 tips:

Is the office or workspace functional both in terms of equipment and environment?

Most of us prefer to work in clean, comfortable surroundings where our basic needs are met; two of which are warmth and light. We also need the right tools to do our job – it’s simply not possible to be productive when your computer keeps crashing or the photocopier keeps jamming.

Can you employ new technology to help?

With the above in mind, it may well be that you could invest in some new equipment or technology that would help improve efficiencies. Perhaps a new photocopier that sorts and staples large documents or a new piece of software could make a difference?

Are you meeting the training needs of your staff?

By refreshing and extending the skills of your staff you will be enabling them to develop which will benefit productivity. Investing in staff also makes them feel valued, which means they are less likely to look elsewhere – this helps improve productivity by reducing the downtime associated with recruiting and training new staff.

Encourage regular breaks

Regular breaks enable people to recharge and refocus. Mistakes are typically made when tiredness sets in so make your staff aware that breaks are activity encouraged.

Sensible snacking

Help your staff stay hydrated by providing a water fountain or other access to clean drinking water – our systems work far better when we are hydrated. Similarly, by providing healthy snacks such as fresh fruit, nuts and seeds it will help people maintain healthy blood sugar levels, which again helps maintain focus and reduce fatigue – or ‘slumps’.

Encourage staff to set priorities

Train staff to recognise and respond to priorities. We all have days when everything seems urgent but there is a difference between really urgent and ‘can wait a while’ urgent. By helping staff to prioritise, they will feel more able to control of their workflow, will be less stressed and ultimately more productive.

Engage with your staff

Great employee engagement makes people work harder. If staff feel valued and listened to and are communicated with on a regular and upfront basis, they will develop a far greater sense of loyalty to the business and will work more productively as a result.

Employ a ‘no blame’ culture

Businesses where initiative and creativity are encouraged tend to be more productive. In a supportive, no blame culture staff feel motivated to innovate in order to bring about improvements.

Introduce flexible working

It can be very difficult to juggle work and family/home life. For those who have important commitments outside the office, flexible working hours can enable them to work their days around different priorities without feeling they are letting anyone down. Perhaps by getting in earlier, they could do the school run or by leaving early on a Thursday and working later the day before they can attend a regular football training session? By empowering people in this way, they will be happier and less stressed, which will improve productivity.

Pot plants

Research has shown that pot plants in the workplace increase productivity by 15 per cent so get yourself down to your local nursery and purchase some greenery – you’ll be glad you did!

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