Eggy Bread Is The Answer To Employee Engagement

foodWell not quite, but quite possibly. I was having a comfort eating moment, eggy bread of all things. For many eggy bread hits the spot. Especially with a bit of ketchup or brown sauce.

So when it comes to employee engagement, having your people engaged, happy, fulfilled, satisfied and lapping up what they do, what hits the spot for them?

It has to be something they relish. Something they desire, and are tempted by, a taste for it if you will. Think of your organisation’s strategy as a menu, of which all aspects of it, the ‘dishes’ can be consumed and devoured by everyone, on whatever level, whether it be a ‘dip’ a ‘main’ or a ‘sweetener’.

Just like eating together, working together brings flavours, enjoyment and ultimately conversation to the table.

So why not, to get your people together, interacting, producing ideas and solutions to problems, introduce working lunches, snack breaks, making food central to the gathering and core to conversation.

Food is sustenance for our whole being, it seems that it should also play an important and stringent part in an organisation’s being too.

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