Christmas Stuff !

Today, since it’s the first day of my Christmas holidays, I decided to earn a bit of cash by tagging along with mum to her work place. After a quick tour of the office, I found that the place wasn’t quite up to the Christmas spirit standard that I hoped. I took it upon myself to surf the magic that is the internet to find some interestingly creative decorations that some offices have concocted.

Post-It Note wreath. This one made me laugh at how creatively daft it was. It just goes to show how you can make Christmas happen by sticking brightly coloured bits of square paper to a window.

Glove tree. This is an interesting example that you can make a tree out of pretty much anything that you have an abundance of in the office. Just make sure you have plenty of ‘puff’ for this one though.

A Fairy on top. Literally. If you’re going to decorate your tree with improvised ‘tat’ then do it right. By putting actual Fairy on top! Just make sure you clean the bottle out before you start this Christmas wonder.

As fun as all these festive things are, it’s always good to remember that some Christmas decorations can be a fire hazard. So having a fire extinguisher by your tree will help a ton. Plus the red colour of it makes your office look all the more Crimbo-like.

So if you ever want to try to light up your office like Rudolph’s nose, then feel free to try the decorations that are in this blog! We hope you all have very happy holidays, and good luck with decorating your fantabulous holiday office!

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