Give the Green Light to a Green Team

Green teams and employee engagement. These two buzz words seem to be gaining traction. Keeping employees engaged, happy and productive has always been a
 priority for leading organisations. Today, as green 
becomes more mainstream, 
 employees want to work for an organisation that is committed to...

Push Those Response Rates Up

It’s that time of the year again.   Your organisation is rolling out the annual employee survey so that management can measure the engagement levels across the entire organisation.   Yet, with all the costs and efforts to administer employee surveys, achieving a high response rate can be tricky. Getting employees...

Celebrate Good Times – Come On!

Whilst Kool & The Gang sang about celebrating good times in a party environment, it’s just as important to celebrate not only good times, but successes and achievements in a working environment. Why? Well, in our non-stop, 24-7 world it can be all too easy to immediately focus on...

Buzz Buzz Buzzwords

After listening to Steven Poole, author of ‘Who Touched Base in my Think Shower’, on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2 yesterday morning, it reminded me of when Microsoft laid off thousands of employees via email (NOT the ‘done thing’) in a multiple paragraphed jargon-filled message....