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The Power of a Vision Board

August 7th, 2014 by Alison McKinney | 1 Response

As we’ve looked at in previous blogs, there are many things you can do to help improve your employee engagement level. Working to help develop your career is one of them, and creating a vision board will certainly help keep you focused on where you want your career to go.

A vision board is a large presentation board that includes cut outs of pictures, words or key phrases from magazines, newspapers or any form of paper to capture something you hope to achieve.

So why not create a vision board to help you live your career? Your boss holds you up to goals they want you to achieve throughout a year, so give yourself the same courtesy and figure out what it is you are working toward.

We know that you are probably exhausted after a hard day at work, and that you want to spend time with your family and friends, or just have a few moments to sit … read more »

Measurement of the Mind

August 6th, 2014 by Alison McKinney | No Responses

Selecting the right person for the job has never been more important than it is today. Mistakes are costly and has long been a problem that many employers have struggled to address. Poor selection may have catastrophic consequences for both the employee and the organisation adversely affecting employee engagement levels.

From the organisation’s viewpoint, the cost of employing and training an unsuitable candidate can be very high in terms of lost productivity and revenue, reduced efficiency, increased absenteeism, reduced morale, the cost of the selection process itself and the cost of retraining new personnel.

From the employee’s perspective, being selected for the “wrong” job may have consequences ranging from loss of motivation, reduced job satisfaction, increased work stress, failure to progress in their career, not to mention the more clinical manifestations such as depression and anxiety.

Organisations have attempted to resolve the ‘right person for the right job’ problem by using a variety … read more »

Increasing Employee Productivity

August 5th, 2014 by Alison McKinney | No Responses

Today, we’re looking at ways to encourage more productive working within your organisation.

As companies keep a close eye on their bottom line margins, the key to improve them is to get people working more efficiently and effectively. However, working longer hours is seldom the answer to an increased output.

If employees are able to maximise the use of resources available to them – in respect of both time and money – they can do their jobs faster, more accurately and with an improved and effective end product. This can help keep both business leaders, managers and customers happy, while providing both increased employee engagement levels and intrinsic reward for the workers themselves – satisfaction in a job well done.

There is a whole variety of techniques and technologies to help organisations improve employee productivity and efficiency. Automating tasks, reducing travel time and offering greater flexibility, autonomy and freedom of choice can theoretically boost productivity, for example.

But what specifically can … read more »

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