You Gotta Let Them Know – Part Two

Yesterday we talked about the importance of effective communication of the launch of an employee survey.

Whilst it is imperative that employees know why a survey is being carried out and assured actions will be taken upon its results, in order to keep up the momentum and interest while the survey is running and once results are available, communication must continue.

Make sure senior leadership continue to talk about it as this will instil the importance of the survey to employees.

There should be encouragement for line managers to talk about the employee survey in weekly meetings or simply in conversations with employees, pointing out the benefits in understanding employee’s views and opinions, but at the same time assuring them that all replies are confidential.

Send regular email updates thanking staff who have participated so far and asking those who have not yet completed to submit their replies. These emails should be updated with real response numbers, once the majority of employees have taken part reluctant participants often “feel safer” to give their opinions. Repeat this process at different stages during the time the survey is running.  It is important to specify the survey close date to prevent survey exhaustion.

It’s also a good idea to publicise the survey in communal staff areas e.g. poster campaigns in kitchens, wash-rooms, on staff noticeboards and in newsletters and bulletins.

And it’s an especially good idea to ensure that the employee survey is accessible in multiple media formats to gain maximise participation i.e. computer, mobile phone and tablet accessibility as well as paper copies (attach postage paid reply envelopes or a drop-box that is secure and regularly emptied).

Making sure you constantly communicate your employee survey during its live period will again increase the potential for a high response rate.

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