What’s In It For Me?

A lot has been written and discussed regarding the benefit of high levels of employee engagement to employers, higher productivity, better service, increased staff retention, less absenteeism to name but a few.

But surely there has to be something in it for the workers too?

The answer is, absolutely!

There are many personal benefits to employees who are engaged in their work, and here we’d like to explain a few to you:-

  • Greater performance

Being fully engaged allows employees to get more out of their workday while feeling invigorated and committed to their work.

Not only do engaged employees work harder, but they also work ‘smarter’ to yield better results. For them this means increasing their prospects of earning higher wages, obtaining promotions quicker, and placing themselves in the market for improved career opportunities.

  • Health & safety

If you work in a manufacturing or heavy equipment environment, this is especially important.

Accidents are more likely to occur when employees are not as focused in their work, therefore, the more engaged they are, the less likely they, or their colleagues are, to have an accident at work.

  • Better work life balance

Disengaged employees find it hard to make the switch to an engaged home life. Engaged employees are far more likely to be engaged outside of work and able to leave work at work and enjoy and a better work life balance.

  • Happiness

Employee engagement and happiness may be closely related, but arguably not the same.

It’s possible that employees can be happy but not fully engaged in their work. But those who are fully engaged in what they do are much more likely to also be happy.

  • Better health

Engaged employees are more likely to experience much lower levels of stress and higher levels of interest throughout their working day, whilst those that are disengaged in their work are more likely to suffer with stress related illnesses.

Employees can’t be forced to be better engaged in their work, but choosing to be engaged allows them experience of greater safety, health, happiness, and performance in their work and their personal lives.

However, an organisation that can create an environment that fosters and encourages employee engagement, stands a greater chance of increasing employee engagement levels in the workplace.

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