The Right Tools For The Job

You can’t expect someone to dig a hole without a shovel, or paint a wall in 10 minutes when realistically it takes over an hour, or expect one person to complete a task where 5 people are needed.

How stressful, disengaging and deflating must it be to be given a task, want to carry it out well, but simply have no access to the right resources to get the job done?

Therefore, to drive up and maintain employee engagement and productivity, it’s crucial that organisations ensure that their workforce are given these resources right from the outset.

By resources, I mean EVERYTHING that is required for a job to be completed, efficiently, to the standard expected by the organisation, to the satisfaction of the person carrying out the task, and in such a way that it meets current legislation.

This means the right physical tools i.e. equipment, up-to-date operating systems, uniform, and even the basics like stationary.

There needs to be sufficient and realistic time allowed for the job to be done, and if the job over-runs, there needs to be support from the top in looking into why this has happened and further time given to get the job completed.

Premises and working environments need to lend themselves to the tasks being carried out within them, working space, lighting and heating for example.

Having enough people to do the work is also important, and ensuring you have the right people in the right job. (Please, refer to previous blog on this subject).

Providing information and guidance on carrying out the task is also vital, making sure there are appropriate and up-to-date processes and procedures in place.

It may seem like common sense, but from our research in conducting employee engagement surveys, it’s surprising that one of the most common themes to come out of open questions within the survey is ‘insufficient resources’ or ‘improvements to existing resources needed’.

Here at The Survey Initiative, we can help organisations improve employee engagement levels and devise actions plans to resolve areas in need of improvement, like having the right resources.

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