New Balls Please!

With the World Cup and Wimbledon dominating the sports news at the moment, it’s no wonder people are inspired and motivated to increase their physical activity.

Any increase in exercise or physical activity is good for you, but regular exercise is the most beneficial of all.

And it’s the miracle cure we’ve all been waiting for and it’s free, easy to take, has an immediate effect and you don’t need a GP to get some.

There are many reasons to get moving, a 30-minute walk every day can do more for your long-term health than any doctors and their medication.

Not only does exercise improve your health, even if you have already been diagnosed with something, but it can go a long way to prevent the onset of several life-threatening conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Exercise is important for maintaining physical fitness and can contribute positively to maintaining a healthy weight, building and maintaining healthy bones, muscle strength, and joint mobility. It promotes physiological well-being, reducing surgical risks, and strengthening the immune system.

Physical activity is also good for mental health. It is believed that exercise releases chemicals in your brain that make you feel good. It can also boost your self-esteem and help you concentrate and sleep better.

And exercise can make you look great – younger, fitter and thinner. Who needs any more convincing?

We at The Survey Initiative believe that companies should look into ways to encourage their employees to lead a healthier more active lifestyle as part of an employee engagement programme.

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