Bringing Your Team Together

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” – Henry Ford

Back in February, I wrote a blog about ‘Just How Advantageous Is Good Team Working?’ which highlighted to organisations the benefits that come about from having a great team. Strong teamwork is an important skill for anyone in any industry. When everyone is working together towards the same goals and aims, the organisation is much more likely to be successful.

But how do you even begin to start bringing your people together to create great team working?

There are many ways organisations and their leaders can help encourage their people to work together harmoniously for the benefit of the business and each other.

One of the best ways to build stronger connections between team members is to get them out of the everyday office environment and get involved in team building activities. When employees meet together outside of their day-to-day routines and patterns in their workplace setting, they develop stronger bonds and improve their understanding of their colleague’s strengths and abilities.

There are many advantages of team building activities and almost all organisations have offered team building strategies and schedules as part of their standard training programme. Almost all of the advantages of team building activities are noticed on a long term basis and ensures a contented workforce with higher employee engagement levels who are dedicated to the organisation.

The many benefits to organisations include improving communication and making the workplace a more enjoyable place to work. They are extremely helpful in motivating a team and for team members to get to know each other better. These activities can make sure that all the members of a team are “on the same page” with regards to the organisations objectives and purpose.

Through team building activities, those involved often get to know more about themselves especially in terms of their strengths and weaknesses as well as assisting management to recognise and make use of the strengths in their employees. Generally team building activities help improve team productivity and effective collaboration within a team.

There are generally a variety of tasks involved in team building activities all designed to progress the members of a group and their ability to work together effectively and collaboratively within a team. There are many types of team building activities that range from kids games to games that involve complex tasks that are designed for specific needs. There are also more complicated team building activities that are made up of numerous exercises such as sports activities, cooking challenges, organisational drumming and exercises that can last over several days.

The idea behind team building activities is to assist teams in becoming cohesive and organised units of individuals that can effectively work together to complete tasks successfully. Team building activities are useful for a variety of different types of teams, for example, exercises can be designed for smaller teams, for larger teams, for new teams and some exercises concentrate on areas to develop in an already established team.

Successful team building events and activities are those that provide great entertainment and fun. They become memorable events shared by everyone in the team as well as providing realistic experiences that empower team members to contribute to common goals.

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