Get Your Finger On The Pulse

Employee surveys are fast becoming the mainstay in any organisations means of finding out how their business is performing and how their workforce is feeling and they are a valuable tool to work out action plans to instigate necessary and appropriate changes.

But as valuable as the information an employee survey produces, sometimes an organisation needs to ‘hone’ in on a particular area, or simply doesn’t want to wait until the next annual full survey is due.

This is where the pulse survey comes in. The name ‘pulse’ survey comes from a resemblance between this type of survey and the electronic medical devices that monitor the heartbeat, or pulse, of a person. Just as those devices observe a person’s pulse and display the information graphically, these surveys monitor the ‘heartbeat’ of the organisation itself.

They are designed to take a snapshot of employee opinions on a particular subject, whether you want to measure employee engagement or obtain feedback on new systems or processes.

In contrast to a full employee survey, pulse surveys are generally more cost effective and time efficient. They are quick and can be carried out frequently, often using the same questions, meaning employees can provide valuable feedback on a regular basis.

Without committing to a full survey, an employee pulse survey is a great way to quickly recognise areas most in need of improvement.

Using benchmark data, employee pulse surveys can provide a ‘heads up’ when it comes to pending problems thus enabling your organisation to take action sooner rather than later.

One of the great advantages of conducting a pulse survey is that it need not go out to all employees, a sample of employees can be approached and even particular groups can be targeted, depending on what information is required. It can be focused on certain aspects of the organisation within specific areas to pin point where improvements are most needed.

We have worked in partnership with many clients who have benefited from pulse surveys and the feedback they have provided. So if you would like any assistance in running a ‘pulse’ survey, or full employee survey and find out how it could benefit your organisation, then call us on +44 (0) 1255 850051 or complete our online web form.