Beware Of Silence And Still Waters

People don’t leave companies, they leave managers!

Many employees quit their jobs because of disagreeable managers and equally, many disgruntled employees are secretly on the lookout for other job opportunities.

One of the biggest problems is that unhappy employees are not able to raise their concerns about their managers. They fear repercussions, lack courage and determination to address these concerns with their manager and therefore will leave without speaking up. It’s not surprising really as its human nature to avoid confrontation.

So how can employee engagement be improved in this situation?

Being able to have essential conversations at crucial moments is the key in helping keep employees from leaving an organisation and transform a disengaged workforce into a highly engaged one.

But in order for this to happen, managers should make themselves easily accessible to their team and allow employees to approach them to raise issues of concern.

Employees feel psychologically safe and reassured when they know their manager respects them and is genuinely interested in what they have to say.

If employees are able to approach their managers, they are likely to be more productive, feel more engaged in what they are doing and less likely to leave.

When it comes to addressing workplace issues, a successful conversation is one where an employee is able to speak up about issues affecting them and having a manager that can listen to them instead of defending themselves or the organisation.

Ask yourself, just how disappointing would it be for an organisation and its managers to learn of concerns and issues on an employee’s last day at work because it was the only time they felt safe to air them?

Would that employee have stayed if they were able to raise their concerns earlier and the issue(s) dealt with?

It is never easy to have difficult conversations but, sometimes, they must be had and any concerns or questions raised be dealt with in a fair, objective and safe environment, for all parties.

If not, issues fester and become much bigger than they often are.

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