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Pointless Employee Surveys – I Don’t Think So!

May 29th, 2014 by Alison McKinney | No Responses

It is true that many employees believe their annual staff survey is just a tick a box exercise for the HR department, or the organisation is looking for trouble, or that the results will be skewed, or results won’t be acted on, or its waste of their time, or all of the above! In fact, employee surveys are often looked upon quite negatively, and not just by employees, but senior management too.

However, if managed properly, employee surveys can yield incredibly valuable information about the organisations performance and more importantly, provide a means of listening to all employees and understanding their concerns.

Organisations tend to conduct their employee survey every 12, 18 or 24 months, but quite often employers will also carry out ‘pulse’ surveys, surveys which are designed to take snapshots of employee opinions, satisfaction, attitude or engagement.

Conducting an employee survey on a regular basis will enable organisations to spot problems at an early stage and track trends … read more »

Reducing Our Impact On The Environment

May 28th, 2014 by Alison McKinney | No Responses

We at The Survey Initiative are absolutely committed to reducing our impact on the environment and have established a carbon neutral policy.

One of the actions we take to show our commitment is to continue to conduct communications online to reduce paper usage and waste where-ever possible. As an employee research company producing bespoke employee engagement surveys, we’ve developed technology that allows participants to complete their survey electronically, as well as review their reports electronically, either through e-mail, website or mobile applications. We aim to continue to develop how the data is presented electronically to both meet the needs of our clients and also contribute to our commitment to reducing the use of paper.

So, today, we’d like to share some tips with you about how you can go paperless in the office, reduce paper waste in the workplace, and what the benefits are.

Tips to becoming paperless

  • E-mail can be used to share documents and ideas.
  • Instead of printing a … read more »

Much Muttering Going On

May 27th, 2014 by Alison McKinney | No Responses

We all love happy employees! But what is for sure is that it is very difficult for organisations to keep their employees happy and there will always be a certain amount of discontented employees to deal with.

These chronic grumblers have the distinctive ability to spread their discontent and dissatisfaction through the workplace, and before you know it, other formerly happy and engaged team-mates suddenly realise that they’re not as happy as they had first thought.

What is particularly problematic for employers is, not all unhappy employees let their managers know that they are disgruntled at work. Managers should look out for tell-tale signs from employees that would show that they are unhappy and disengaged at work. These, for example, could be:-

  • Coming in late or leaving work early
  • Gossiping, muttering and being troublesome with work colleagues
  • Unhappiness with personal and career development; demanding managers to do something about it even if training and clear and appropriate feedback has already been given
  • “Playing … read more »

Creating A Greener Working Environment

May 22nd, 2014 by Alison McKinney | No Responses

It is a reality that these days’ organisations are expected to be green, and this is something they are rapidly having to face up to. If they have got any sense, they should be more than keen to make healthy and green changes to the working environment. After all, an organisation that promotes health and wellbeing as well as environmental and social responsibility initiatives will appreciate many benefits including:

• Increased employee retention and staff morale

• Decreased stress levels and absenteeism

• Improved employee engagement and employee perception of management

• Financial benefits

• Be seen as an employer of choice

There is almost a limitless list of things than can be done to create a greener working environment – there is a green version of literally everything nowadays – but here are just a few ideas of some genuinely effective changes that can be implemented in the workplace.

Switch To Green Electricity

No matter what kind of industry your organisation is in, you can switch the … read more »

Just What Is Driving This Thing?

May 21st, 2014 by Alison McKinney | No Responses

One of the most important factors for effective employee engagement is that the employees must be willing to participate, regardless of the size, shape, location or type of organisation.

Whilst it’s accepted that there will always be some resistance to change or new concept amongst employees, it is also true that the more employees who are enthused and inspired by changes and actively engage in them, the more probable the unenthused will be influenced and encouraged to ‘join the ranks’.

It might sound harsh, but when an organisation is going through such a major change, employees who are disengaged and detracting become an obstacle to the cause and hinder the outcome of change.

So what actually encourages people to be engaged? What drives them?

There are many factors that have an influence on employee engagement, job satisfaction, pay and benefits, career and training opportunities for example. But here we take a look at three quite powerful drivers for employee engagement:


Having a … read more »

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