Right People In The Right Jobs

The skills of an organisations workforce change over time, and so does its business. Getting the right people into the right jobs is absolute key and critical to an organisations growth and overall success and getting it wrong can be costly.

Having the right people in the right jobs has many benefits.

Retention & Turnover

When people are happy, fulfilled and engaged in their work, they are much less likely to be lured away and leave an organisation. Employee retention levels are higher when you have the right people in the right jobs, both initially during the selection process and in continuing the career development of existing employees.

Brain Drain

The last thing any organisation wants is to loose employees with technical skills and knowledge – ensuring you have the right person in the right role from the outset greatly reduces the chances of the person leaving and taking their skills and knowledge with them – it’s all about ‘fit’.

Attracting Talent

Being an organisation committed to people and providing meaningful work will help attract the best talent. Look to offer incentives such as a generous and fair remuneration, performance management, development planning, recognition and reward schemes, staff discounts and education assistance.

Recruiting and Staffing

Specialised assessments, such as psychometric testing can help you filter out applicants that aren’t particularly good matches so you can focus on those who are. Providing accurate job specifications will also help discourage the wrong people for the job.


Matching people with work that makes the most of their natural abilities and is in sync with their passions and interests will have a positive effect on overall performance and productivity.

Doing More With Less

In line with the previous benefit, employees stand a far greater chance of being able to tackle additional workloads if the work is in keeping with their natural talents (i.e. the stuff that comes easy for them and is second nature).

It’s not hard to believe that people spend more time looking into purchasing the right car than it is looking for the right person to fill a position. You know what you want with regards to the overall specification of the vehicle you’re looking for, but you wouldn’t purchase the first one that came along that met those specifications without investigating further and digging a bit deeper.

So why not do the same thing when taking on a new employee? Here’s how it interprets:

Look under the hood – identify natural talents, passions, and motivations.

Test drive – find out how they’ll respond in real world situations and under certain pressures.

How does it feel? – what is your gut feeling? How well does this person “fit” within the organisation in terms of values and core competencies?

Don’t get me wrong, skills and experience play an important part in filling job vacancies, but it’s becoming more and more about the right person in the right job and how they ‘fit’ within the culture and ethos of the organisation.

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