Keeping The Fire Stoked

Just like losing some weight or giving up smoking we all know that the journey to achieving a goal can be tough. But, what we also know is that keeping the weight off or continued refrainment from nicotine can be equally, if not more of a test than getting there in the first place.

It’s no different when it comes to employee engagement. Maintaining your organisations employee engagement momentum is challenging, especially in times of change and economic difficulties.

There can be no doubt that there is a direct link between employee engagement and the overall performance and success of an organisation as well as a direct relation to an employee’s own productivity and wellbeing. Therefore, it is vital that organisations concentrate on maintaining employee engagement during tough times.

It’s during these times that employees can feel insecure about their jobs, with concerns about redundancies, fears of cuts in salaries and other benefits, which can all result in a decrease in job satisfaction. Ensuring that employees understand the plans of the organisation and how the plans will affect day to day working will enhance team morale and, in turn, increase job satisfaction levels.

When organisations are making cut backs, many employees feel that they are expected to do more for the same or less pay and with fewer resources. Effective communication of the organisations strategic direction and goals is extremely important. It will help employees understand what is needed and expected of them for future success and will encourage employees to utilise and maximise scarce resources and work to their fullest potential.

Hard-hitting economic times can have a negative or a positive influence on employee motivation. Challenging times can offer more opportunities to employees to perform to their best. So, in order to maintain morale, it’s necessary to make sure employees are in the right roles and gain robust leadership skills in readiness to tackle challenges.

Organisations can implement measures to keep their employees engaged and productive even in tough times. Making sure you keep an eye on how employees are working according to their potential. Listening to employees and taking appropriate action. Communication is the key to resolving any issues and dealing with problems.

Organisations should seek out untapped resources for betterment and advancement. Making efficient and best use of what resources are available assists with getting better results and keeps employees engaged.

Although maintaining employee engagement is a very challenging task, especially during difficult times, it is certainly possible to achieve it through effective communication and effective utilisation of the available resources.

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