Why Benchmark Employee Survey Results?

When it comes to analysing your employee survey results, it is helpful to use a benchmarking tool. Without this, it will be easy to misinterpret your results, leading to ineffective and inappropriate action planning and a clouded understanding of where your organisation is at.

External Benchmarking

Benchmarking against external organisations allows you to measure the quality of your polices, processes, strategies and performance against industry bests or best practices from other industries or other similar organisations.

A quality improvement tool, benchmarking identifies:

  • What your organisation is doing
  • How your organisation is doing it
  • How other organisations within the same industry are doing it
  • How well your organisation is doing it with reference to measures
  • And, what and how to improve

What’s The Significance Of Using External Benchmarking?

It may seem quite logical to want to know how your organisation compares to another in a similar field, but will those comparisons actually give you an accurate assessment of where your organisation stands? There is no doubt that every organisation has differing strategies, values and beliefs, even if two organisations are similar. What you end up with, are result comparisons that are perhaps, not like for like. It is quite common for organisations, who use external benchmark data against other organisations, and compare well, to sit back and take little or no action. For their employees, this could be perceived as an organisation who is not willing to listen or make positive changes, and they will be less likely to participate in future employee surveys.

Internal Benchmarking

The most valuable type of benchmark data your organisation can compare its employee survey results against, are your own. Your organisations survey-on-survey scores or comparisons between groups and teams will provide the most accurate and timely information on which effective and appropriate action and positive change can be planned for and actioned. The consequence of this being, your employees will see that your organisation is taking the results from your survey seriously, that they are being listened to and something is being done about it, and they will continue to contribute to future surveys. To this end, your organisation will acquire a much more highly engaged workforce and incidentally see and maintain better response rates to your survey.

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