If You’re Happy And You Know It………

Did you know today is the International Day of Happiness?

Here at The Survey Initiative, we’re always happy. We love what we do, we’re passionate about creating bespoke employee surveys that generate and deliver results, and we enjoy working in partnership with a diverse range of clients from around the world.

There are other factors that make us happy in our work too, and whether you are a small organisation, or large, there are measures you can put in place to increase employee happiness resulting in better employee engagement and overall organisational success.

So, here are a few things that go on around here that make us engaged and motivated:

Thank you muchly…

We believe that a ‘pat on the back’ and a simple thank you for a job well done goes a long way in making us feel appreciated and valued. Our boss regularly makes us a cup of coffee, brought to our desks with a smile and acknowledgement. Today’s busy work environments makes it easy to overlook these basic measures, but it helps us to be more self-motivated and proud of the work we do.

“You got more rabbit than Sainsburys!”

Oh yes, we love chatting and have regular ‘flash’ meetings. At The Survey Initiative, we talk from the top down, bottom up and across ways too giving each other feedback and listening to what each other has to say. One of the best ways to communicate is verbally. Talking to each other builds stronger working relationships, can lead to faster solutions to problems and issues and thus a speedier return to productivity. It keeps everyone ‘in the loop’ and creates a feeling of being involved and making a difference.

Compost, seeds, water and sunshine…

Our company has been fortunate enough to have grown quite rapidly over the past 12 months, but what is really important is we have the resources to allow ourselves to grow along with the company too. Organisations should be looking to encourage leadership at every level, and in any way possible. Employees desire fresh learning opportunities and need a variance in their duties to prevent stagnation and generate a craving for more interest.

Ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing!

We have a fantastic office. Ok, so we don’t have ‘Googles’ office slide, but it’s still a lovely office. It’s bright, airy, spacious and colourful. We have recently been in receipt of some fabulously comfortable and rather trendy office chairs, which we all helped to choose. Providing a comfortable working environment doesn’t have to be expensive either, how about introducing a plant or two, provide free refreshments and healthy snacks, and if the office is due an overhaul, get your employees involved with decision making, after all, they’re the ones who will be working there.

The list of things you can do to increase employee happiness can go on, but by cultivating a sense of belonging and an ethos of education and inspiration, you inspire your employees and increase employee engagement. This will encourage them to work hard and be proud of their achievements. You are fundamentally encouraging your employees to be happy, and happiness is contagious…..it will spread through your organisation. And afterall, it’s a lot easier to maintain employee happiness once the cycle has begun.

So, relax, smile, and spread some cheer around the office – after all, we all love happy employees.

If you’d like to talk to us about what makes us happy, and more engaged in our work to help in your organisation, then why not give us a call on +44 (0) 1255 850051 or complete our online contact form.