Do As I Do

To be a good leader, you must lead by example.  There is no point in talking the talk unless you walk the walk. By mucking in, you can establish trust, credibility and respect. These are the rudiments that bolster a leader’s ability to lead their organisation, drive up employee engagement and motivate employees to follow.

Actions speak louder than words and doing otherwise will only confuse employees and slow down productivity.

Here are 7 thoughts for you to bear in mind when considering your own leadership abilities:

Show Integrity

Inspiring your employees is vital, but they must believe in you as well. Honesty really IS the best policy. They’ll look up to you if you fulfil your promises, even if it’s something as basic as showing up for a scheduled meeting.

Be Responsible

Blaming others costs and could sabotage organisational growth and success! If you get something wrong, admit to it and step up to the plate. This will encourage others to accept responsibility and accountability and defines failure as part of the route to success.

Generate Solutions

Don’t dwell on problems and issues. Instead be the first to offer up solutions and then ask your employees for more.


Ask your employees and strive to understand them. You’ll receive valuable insights and create an atmosphere that inspires healthy dialogue.

Praise And Acknowledgement

Just because you’re a leader doesn’t mean that you should withhold positive feedback. Everyone needs a pat on the back now and then. The more praise and acknowledgement for a job well done you give, the more you will notice motivated and engaged employees who continue to work hard and recognise each other’s value.

Healthy Outlook

Having a team that is both mentally and physically fit is a strong and successful team. So, make sure you model it, encourage it and support it!

Roll up your sleeves

Demonstrate that when a job needs to be done, everyone at every level needs to chip in and get involved. Play your part, and ensure that what needs to get done, gets done. And just like Alexander the Great leading his men into combat, you will inspire greatness in your organisation.

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