Breathe Energy Into Your Staff And Increase Their Engagement In The Workplace

We’ve all been there at some point, getting motivated to do something and to do it well. If we struggle from time to time to get ourselves motivated and engaged in a task, then it’s a given that to get other people motivated is going to be harder to do.

So here’s the question, just how do you energise people to become more motivated at work and propel them into high levels of employee engagement?

In previous blogs, we’ve offered ideas for some rather alternative and unique activities to encourage better engagement from your employees.

Here, we’d like to introduce a couple more for you to consider:

The Writing Is On The Wall

As a child, I used to love the fact that my parents allowed me to write on my bedroom wall just before it got redecorated.  I remember coming up with all kinds of pictures inspired by this one off bout of freedom. Why not create a large space, perhaps on an internal wall in the office or shop floor, with a problem statement in the middle. Next to the wall, provide multi-coloured pens, invite employees to contribute by writing on the wall in response to the statement and wait and see what happens. After a while you will have a whole range of ideas giving key way to improve performance.  Ensure these ideas are acted upon and communicated widely across your organisation.


What’s Under The Carpet

In the corners of the office or shop or factory floor, place pieces of carpet, provide a sweeping brush next to them and a poster saying “what are we hiding under the carpet?” Also, by the side of the carpet, place some pens and sheets of paper for responses to be noted down and placed under the carpet. After a few days, collect all the responses up and use the information as an inducement for solving problems and content for communication within your organisation. This particular activity can surprise, stimulate and inspire employees. It provides a safe, anonymous outlet to bring to the surface issues within the workplace and creates a great talking point.

We hope you find the above interesting and stimulating as they are non-traditional ways of seeking feedback from your most important asset, your people!

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