Are Your Employees Heading For A Burn Out? Part One

We all love happy employees. And if they’re happy, they are more likely to be engaged in their work.

When employees are more engaged, they become increasingly productive and additionally are more likely to look for areas of improvement and implement the necessary changes with little managerial direction, they will work better in partnership with colleagues and management for the overall benefit of the organisation.

Having a highly engaged workforce will help with employee retention. This is important as employees are your greatest asset and one of the largest costs to your organisation, keeping your employees on a long term basis can save your organisation from large costs in hiring and training new staff members.

Increasing levels of customer service is one of the sure signs of employee engagement. Happy people are not only noticeable, but are contagious. So when an organisation effectively engages its employees, the resulting impact on customers is immediate and significant.

Organisations really don’t want anything to disengage their people.

One of the aspects that has the most significant negative effect on employee engagement is ‘burn out’ – to ‘ruin one’s health or become completely exhausted through overwork.’

There are signals that you can look out for to indicate if your employees may be suffering from burn out. These include: decrease in performance and productivity, higher absentee levels through sickness and/or turning up for work late, signs of irritability, a reduction in energy levels and overall tiredness, apathy and depression.

Tomorrow, we’ll offer some tips for employers to help prevent burn out in their employees.

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